UPDATE: The Committee of adjustment meeting was postponed as a result of the developer failing to post notice of application on the site. Signs have now been posted and the new date set for February 8. — More info to come.

Developer is applying to build 3 homes on what is currently 1 lot resulting in 3 very tight builds.

Maurice Desrochers of Desrochers Developments, pharm the developer that has amassed a number of properties within the block of Caroline Street between Hager and Burlington Avenues and who in 2013 proposed a townhouse development has now applied to the city planning department to knock down the corner property at 546 Burlington Avenue and sever into 3 separate single detached dwellings. (Click here for Plans)

The application requires an extensive list of by-law amendments but does not require a zoning change. The built form will remain single detached dwellings.

546 Burlington Plan Overlay

546 Burlington Ave. Site Plan — yellow represents proposed builds. Grey represents existing.

The majority of amendments that the development will require is due to the small size of severed lots resulting in a very high ratio of house to building lot as well as the unprecedented closeness that the homes will be to the property lines which is significantly under the by-law minimums. The houses will cover the property lots with a coverage as much as 38.9% which is well above the limit of the by-law that stands at 25%. The net of this is that for the most part the homes will not have significant rear or side yards.

Keep Your Character

Rear and Side Yards are a key character feature of the St. Luke’s Precinct neighbourhood and influence a way of living and quality of life. The dramatic reduction of these features will affect the area’s liveability and character while also kicking off a trend of builds that will attempt to further reduce these areas.

The City of Burlington and Province of Ontario recognize the St. Luke’s Precinct as an area of unique character and significance to the city and have put in place measures to physically define the area so that we can protect it from development pressure. These measures are zoning and by-laws; rules that the city and neighbours believe are key pillars that define the built form, dosage space and relationship between buildings.

Following these laws is easy when individual home owners wish to redevelop respectfully. The challenge for some business developers is that these rules can be in the way when they attempt to overbuild to maximize yields for their profitability. Hence some of these less respectful businesses attempt to change the laws to suit their purposes but in doing so destroy character and can forever influence the neighbourhood’s ability to enforce their zoning and by-laws.

Voice your opinion

The committee of adjustment hearing is set for:

Monday February 8th
6:30 pm
Room 247, 2nd Floor

A copy of the original Committee of Adjustment hearing notice and lot plan can be viewed here: 546 Burlington Avenue Redevelopment Plan Link

Residents are encouraged to attend to voice their opinions.

Let your neighbours know what you think of this plan by a developer to redevelop 546 Burlington Avenue by commenting below. Also please tell your neighbours about this development and encourage them to come out to the meeting to voice their opinions.