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The People

Since launching this website, we have connected with many amazing people from the neighbourhood as well as from other hoods around town. We’ve learned we share a common love for where we live as well as a mutual underlying appreciation for the way in which we live – here. This is what is so unique about an area. It’s not what the neighbourhood looks like that people feel deeply connected with, it’s what it feels like to live within the borders of this place, with the people that choose to be here, that we love.

So many have reached out to share their stories, their connection with place called a neighbourhood that we felt it fitting to tell some of their stories of concern for losing the way they live and the character of their home.

St. Luke’s Precinct Neighbouring Neighbour / Caroline Street

“Upon reading information on your St. Luke’s Precinct website, please note this response. I reside on Caroline St.  Not in St Luke’s Precinct but I would like to remain informed.  I would oppose this proposed rezoning of St. Luke’s precinct.”

St. Luke’s Precinct Neighbouring Neighbour / Lorne Street

“We live on Lorne St., which is not part of the St. Luke’s precinct. We are also against the rezoning proposed of the St. Luke’s precinct. We have lived here since 1986 and have enjoyed many walks and drives through our historic downtown core, which of course includes St. Luke’s precinct. We are totally against the removal of any single family dwelling to be replaced by multi unit dwellings.”

St. Luke’s Precinct Neighbouring Neighbour / Lorne Street

“You can add our names to the list of those outside St Luke’s precinct yet opposed to any rezoning of the downtown from single family dwellings. The condos downtown have added enough density already!”

St. Luke’s Precinct Neighbour / Caroline Street

“If you live in the neighbourhood, you’ve already noticed major changes in traffic over the last couple of years. Hager has become a major through street with fast cars and rush hour traffic.  What used to be a safe and enjoyable walking area is now a pedestrian concern, especially for our children walking to and from school.

Changing the zoning to high density directly translates to even more traffic. Agree to this ONE proposed development and you are agreeing to an additional 8 units X 2 parking spots each:  another 16 vehicles to reside at Hager and Caroline. Don’t forget visitor parking. And this is just the beginning. Once high density is agreed to, there will be many more cars to come.
Where will they park? Will our streets be lined with cars? How much more traffic can this neighbhourhood absorb? Will we need traffic lights? Will it be safe for our children to play in this area? Busy. Dangerous. There are enormous costs to agreeing to intensification….

Many of us were attracted to this area for the beauty and the strength of character of The St. Lukes Precinct.  As single family home owners, we’ve made the investment and take the time to care for our homes and our community. We are already witness to issues in our neighbhourhood that result from higher density. We are concerned that high density will increase issues more, be disruptive and and ultimately change the fabric of our community.”

 St. Luke’s Precinct Neighbour / Burlington Avenue

Late last year, the neighbours of St, Luke’s Precinct invited Councillor Marianne Meed-Ward to a have coffee and discuss the proposed development and its impact on lives here.

“At several times during this meeting the phrase ‘community stability’ was mentioned, by neighbours, Marianne and by those who have fought a similar battle in Roseland.  It was underscored more than once by neighbours how important we feel it is for us to demonstrate to council how this development project threatens to ‘destabilize’ our community, not just i) by allowing multi-family dwellings into a neighbourhood zoned for single family dwellings, but also (and perhaps more significantly) ii) by allowing for a developer to introduce what is essentially a planned development complex into a traditional neighbourhood context, one that has evolved organically, lot by lot, over its two hundred-odd years of history.

In other words, this is not just a case of disputing plans that would seek to change an owner-occupied home from single dwelling to multi-dwelling (or any number of such projects), but is more urgently a case of resisting the intrusion into our neighbourhood of a speculative investor-driven, multi-lot development solely for the purpose of profit.  This intrusion, if allowed, would set a precedent that over time would seriously unsettle and destabilize an already enormously vulnerable neighbourhood, surrounded as we are by areas that are targeted for increased growth and density – and in fact, in the emails from the developer Maurice Desrochers he mentions specifically that their design promises, “good urban intensification that is sympathetic to a neighbourhood”… yet how is  ‘intensification’ sympathetic in any way to our neighbourhood?”

Update – Jan 25, 2016
Public Meeting: January 25 on proposed redevelopment of 546 Burlington at Caroline Street Date: January 25, 6:30pm Room 247 2nd Floor ------ Resident's of St. Luke's Precinct, please support your neighbourhood by attending this meeting and voice your opinion about this proposed project that threatens to shrink house side yards, back yards and setbacks in order to fit 3 houses on a current single home lot. This is a precedent setting set of amendments for the St. Luke's Precinct. Hang on to reasonable amendments and use of your by-laws and protect your hood.
Update – Oct 20, 2014

Public meeting Nov 13 on proposed redevelopment of Locust/Elgin
Date: Nov 13, 7pm, Rm 305, City Hall
Residents of St. Luke's Precinct, please attend this meeting and voice your opinion on this development that so far proposes to require zoning changes. Zone changes anywhere within the precinct will cause a precedent of further zone change as stated by planning. Hang on to your zoning and protect your hood.

Stay tuned for more info.

Update – Sept 26, 2014

A neighbour of the St. Luke's Precinct has informed us that surveyors have been measuring the Dalewood Apartments property at 1367 Elgin Street.

Part or all if this property is owned by Maurice Desrochers development group / Executive Furnished Rentals. Desrochers has previously indicated a desire to rezone this property for 8 story condominiums.

A site rezone of this nature would mean a precedent rezone for the whole precinct.

Stay tuned for more information.

Update – Sept 12, 2014
510 Hager Avenue / New Home Build — Late summer, the city received the site plan application/plans for the second Mattwood house on Hager Ave. This is the lot(s) originally proposed as townhomes/semis by Mattwood but the Neighbours of St. Luke's expressed discomfort for the zone change and appealed to the builder to do single detached builds.
Update – June 4, 2014

Confirmation from the city is that the developer is intending on building 2 detached single family homes. They have begun the first on the south most lot but have yet to propose a plan for the 2nd. This first house will conform to the current zoning and needs only minor variance approval.