UPDATE — November 15, visit web 2014

The public meeting held last Thursday to review the Saxony was incredibly well attended — over 70 residents turned out to listen to the presentation of Landform Group and voice their opinions.

Marianne Meed Ward facilitated the meeting on behalf of the developer and the city. It was noted that this meeting was at the discretion of the developer who had expressed their interest in meeting the community and soliciting feedback on their design. They stated during the meeting that it is the intent of Landform Group to develop building that are attractive and sensitive to communities and that their effort on Thursday was a sincere gesture to ensure that they got the plan right.

The plan as presented proposed a number of challenges to zoning:

1. 5 storeys instead of the 4 max within the zone / area (Core Precinct)

2. Core builds require on grade retail and the plan did not include it

3. Pad/Grade parking is not permitted and the plan included the existing parking area that along Locust Street

There were also a number of design details that may have needed consideration such as the stepping or terracing of the building to diminish perceived mass and open the corridor window.

During the presentation, physician Landform Group’s architect and presenter noted that it was their sincere interest to find a fit for the area and that conforming to zone was possible if deemed important to the community

Following the presentation, the residents asked a broad range of questions before voicing opinions and concerns. Among many standard concerns for new builds the resounding message was — please allow us to keep our zoning and the character of the area.

Today, Landform Group contact the Neighbours of St. Luke’s Precinct to inform us of their conclusion to adjust the plan to conform to the current zoning. This is fantastic news so thanks to all who attended and spread the word of the development and meeting. You have been a critical part of improving the process of development, especially as it relates to your quality of life.

The Note:

Neighbours of St. Luke’s Precinct

On behalf of Landform Development Group, (LDG), I would like to express sincere thanks to all of the ward residents who attended our pre-development proposal on Thursday evening. The attendance was larger than we expected and the comments we received are appreciated.

I would also like to thank Councilor Marianne Meed Ward for moderating the presentation and Rosalind Minaji from the City of Burlington planning department for her attendance and comments.

Our commitment is to build great buildings in great communities, and after listening to all of the comments and feedback, we are very pleased to be building in (Ward 2 – St. Luke’s Precinct) in the City of Burlington.

We listened to all of you, and I am pleased to announce we will formally submit our new design and application in accordance with current zoning allowances (4 storeys of condos) in the spring of 2015.

The ‘Saxony’ project will be a 4-storey classic condominium building, designed to reflect the rich and vibrant heritage of the community in the City of Burlington.

Thanks again for your attendance and the great feedback!

Mr. Daniel Mclean
Landform Development Group Inc.



PUBLIC MEETING: Thursday November 13th, 7 pm, City Hall, 3rd Floor Room 305

The City and Marianne Meed Ward are hosting a public meeting to review this proposed 5 Story Condominium for the property at Blathwayte Lane and Elgin Street (Stretching over to Locust Street).

The lots are zoned 4 stories maximum. 5 Stories will require a zone change and zone changes on any property in St. Luke’s Precinct will set a precedent toward other zone changes.

The neighbourhood needs you to attend as a show of heads and interest in your hood.

This is a an early stage of the process where the developer is gauging community reaction. This is a critical first meeting where we can influence a design and urge to the developer to adjust the building to fit within existing zoning or take their model somewhere else.

Please attend, thank you.


New Development Proposal for St. Luke’s Precinct Imminent

A preliminary look at a building being proposed for the St. Like’s Precinct (Map) was recently given to Marianne Meed Ward, the ward 2 and precinct’s councillor. The property to be redeveloped encompasses the properties at 452 and 454 Locust Street, and 1437 Elgin Street which is essentially the corner of Elgin and Locust Streets. (Map) Currently Melodia Restaurant, which is located at the corner of Elgin and Locust, has not been sold to the development group but negotiations are underway.

No formal application has been made to the city but early information provided states:

The Saxony is 5 floors with approximately 42 suites ranging in sizes from 850 sq. ft. to 4,900 sq. ft. (most units averaging 1,250 sq. ft.), including 9’ – 11’ foot ceilings and 2 levels of underground parking.


5 Floors Means Zone Change

This location within the St. Luke’s Precinct is zoned to accommodate 4 stories maximum. The preliminary information suggests that the developer is looking to rezone the property to allow for 5 floors.

As we have learned from past neighbourhood meetings at the city, staff confirmed that any site specific zone changes will set a precedent of zone changes throughout the whole precinct. If neighbours allow a zone change in the precinct, it will undermine the city’s ability to uphold the decision of the city and province of Ontario to protect the neighbourhood from potentially rapid development change. The city of Burlington and the Province of Ontario recognize the unique cultural significance of the neighbourhood and have worked to protect the neighbourhood by granting it a unique and protected status in the City’s Official Plan.

Meeting With Developer Ahead

Please attend any upcoming meetings and voice your opinion — stay tuned and sign-up to receive email notifications.

Voicing your opinion is not black or white. It’s not about build or not build. It’s about what’s right or not right for your neighbourhood.

Developers have choices. They decide to purchase land in order to build a specific product and form to suit an economic model that serves them. They may decide to try to fit an economic model on a site that doesn’t comply with the existing zoning or area form; a model that is not necessarily considerate of what fits you or your area — of what’s best for you, but this is a choice they make.Their decision to attempt to fit a form that doesn’t comply with zoning or the desires of the neighbourhood is their own and as such, resistance to their goals should not be seen as hardship nor zone changes seen as a minor technical obstacle. It should also not be perceived as a given that such developments should or will change the zoning.

Zoning is a critical pillar of an area in place to serve those that are already there.

Development is a natural progression and gradual change is inevitable however change should be directed and managed to suit the needs and desires of the current residents and neighbourhoods. Therefore voicing an opinion to developers assists them in developing homes and buildings that suit the needs of the neighbourhood rather than exclusively serving their financial interests.

Recently Mattwood Homes, a local developer/builder, proposed to build condo/towns/semis at 508 Hager Avenue which would have required a zone change. During a public meeting with residents, many turned out to voice their discomfort for the developer’s plan and urged Mattwood Homes to consider single family house plans. The neighbourhood speakers were not in opposition of building — they all simply voiced that the new build should be appropriate in form and should not require zone changes to avoid damaging the residents’ and city’s ability to maintain the integrity of the precinct by way of its zoning and zone character.

The result was that the builder applied for and is building 2 detached single family homes.


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