UPDATE SEPT 12/14: 508 & 510 Hager

Developer Mattwood Construction has nearly completed the first of 2 detached single family homes on the severed lots. The 2nd home will start construction soon.

Congratulations to the Neighbours of St. Luke’s Precinct for coming together to express your views to the city and developer about what a zone change and an intense build form would do to our neighbourhood and way of living. The end result was a win win for all — maintain our zoning, pharmacy maintain our ability to protect the neighbourhood from rapid intensification for future generations, this web the city was able to play a pivotal role int he democratic process and the builder got to produce a product they could sell.

UPDATE MAY 30/14: 508 Hager

Developer Mattwood Construction has not yet applied for a severance or intimated what will be built here. However the home has been torn down and trees removed. A number of people close to the builder have intimated that there will be 2 homes — and possibly a townhouse. This form WILL require a zone change. Please keep an eye for updates and application and adjustment meeting announcements in your mail. Remember — 1 site specific zone change will change the whole precinct’s status as a unique neighbourhood protected by the municipality.

UPDATE: 508 Hager

Developer Mattwood Construction has applied to sever the lot at 508 Hager in order to tear down the current home and replace with build 2 new homes. It is our understanding that this development would not require a zone change and as such is in keeping with the character evolution of the area.


A NEW Development Proposed in St. Luke’s Precinct

– 508 Hager Avenue to be severed into 3 building lots

Developer Mattwood Construction has announced their intention to submit a proposal to sever 508 Hager Avenue into 3 lots.

508 Hager is an approx. 107′ wide lot with a 35′ wide home. This might mean 2 additional 20′ wide 2 story homes on 28′ wide lots assuming the house would become a 50′ lot.

This WOULD require a REZONING application as it exceeds the maximum density allowed for homes per hectare within the Precinct.

Marianne Meed Ward has organized an information Meeting June 12, 7pm, City Hall, Rm 247

Check back here for details and please attend.