Our Neighbourhood

This website was created by residents of The St. Luke’s Precinct in an effort to protect our neighbourhood from destructive zoning changes while also deepening our relationship with our area and the people who live here.

This website hopes not to invite negativity or divisiveness. Rather, symptoms it is simply an effort to maintain our dream of living in an area we love, cheap and like previous residents through the generations, work hard to maintain, renew and live a quality life respectful of each other.

We believe that the soul of this neighbourhood lies within its unique mix of home styles on single family lots, and the subsequent commonality of the people that this attracts. We feel that the character and zoning of the St. Luke’s Precinct as recognized by the City and Province is worth protecting as it is the foundation for why we live our lives here.

The St. Luke’s Precinct is being threatened to change its zoning by developers with commercial interests. To date the Neighbours have successfully convinced the city and following developments to not change our zone for their proposed developments:

1. Desrochers Developments Cameryn Lanes — an investor group that wished to change the zoning, tear down 8 homes and build higher density dwellings. Find out more and how you can help protect your neighbourhood here.

2. Mattwood Construction — a builder developer looked at severing 508 Hager Avenue into 3 lots and building towns/condos/semis that would have required a zone change — They concluded to build 2 detached homes and NO zone change was necessary. Find out more here.

Where are we?

The St. Luke’s Precinct is a distinct area as recognized by the City of Burlington. It is bordered on four sides roughly between Brant Street and Clarke Avenue at the sides and Central High School to Lakeshore Road top to bottom.

The City of Burlington defines the protected St. Luke’s Precinct in this fact sheet: http://cms.burlington.ca/Asset1688.aspx

Download or Preview a map of the St. Luke’s Precinct here.