A Threat to Burlington culture; our lifestyle, check our history and self control

In the heart of the St. Luke’s Precinct, no rx a rich cultural neighbourhood in old downtown Burlington, an investor group lead by Maurice Desrochers of Burlington Furnished Rentals is planning on rezoning the area to redevelop the portion of Caroline Street between Burlington Avenue and Hager Avenue.

Currently the group owns a large number of homes in the downtown core which it rents out as short term executive suites. Among these rental residences are approximately 6 homes on adjacent detached single family lots along the north side of Caroline which are the focus of their redevelopment. The group has presented a plan to tear down the homes and build multi-level townhouses and increase the dwelling density to 8 or more units on this land.

To do this, the group must first apply to the city to change the site zoning from detached single family dwellings to a new higher density zoning for multi-level attached homes.

Downtown Councillor Marianne Meed-Ward and members of the city staff along with residents attended a discovery meeting held by the group late in 2012 where they presented their ideas and exterior visuals. No floor plans or specifics to square feet or lot coverages were provided. Marianne Meed-Ward attained images of the proposed elevations and currently hosts these pictures on her website here: http://cms.burlington.ca/Page9388.aspx

What does this mean to you?

It’s simple.

In order to make this happen, the developer needs to submit an application to the city to change the site zoning which will impact the zoning of this neighbourhood forever.

It will require changing the zoning to a higher density and a land use that cannot be reversed.

The changed zoning will domino and  allow for potentially any form of higher density buildings.

Allowing the change of zoning will signal to other prospecting developers and builders that the downtown is amenable to change and may create a precedent for further zone change and intensification. The reality is the current zoning is what the neighbourhood is made of — the soul. A change from this soul, this way of living, will lose the identity and what we love about our St. Luke’s Precinct.

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