Meeting: City Hall, thumb Room 305
Date: Saturday May 11, 2013
Time: 10 am

Marianne Meed-Ward has organized a meeting with are residents and the developer to discuss the upcoming Cameryn Lanes development that is proposed for the Caroline Street between Burlington and Hager.

This is your opportunity to express the impact of such developments that propose to change zoning from Single Family to otherwise: to accommodate town-houses, semi’s, low rise condos or any other higher density building that will disrupt the neighbourhood character.

Please come out and be heard and be counted. The city along with the developer are under the impression there are only a handful of concerned residents and as such will use this meeting as a measure.

Tell your neighbours to get informed, visit this website, walk past the proposed building site and discuss what a zoning change may do to the make-up of your neighbourhood and the way of life here.

twitter: @slprecinct