Development Update June 4, 2014

Confirmation from the city is that the developer is intending on building 2 detached single family homes. They have begun the first on the south most lot but have yet to propose a plan for the 2nd. This first house will conform to the current zoning and needs only minor variance approval.

508 Hager Avenue – Development

Last year builder developer Mattwood Homes announced their intention to sever the property at 508 Hager Avenue in the St. Luke’s Precinct and build 3 homes. (Map)

Neighbours rejected zone change

This proposal would have forced a zone change in the precinct and many neighbours voiced their objection for this type of development including a neighbour that happens to be a city planner.

Since then no formal proposals have been given to the city but the property has been cleared and equipment is on site presumably to begin services.

Marianne Meed Ward says the property may have already been severed but that there is still no formal application; plans or submission for a building permit.

Towns or semis mean a zone change

A number of people have intimated that the property owner intended on severing to build 2 homes — and possibly town houses such as their last build at the corner of Caroline and Pearl Streets. If the form turns out to be towns, this will mean a zone change.

City says — a site zone change means entire precinct

The city planners and staff have stated previously that any zone change will set a precedent that will compromise the St. Luke’s Precinct’s status as a protected zone. This will make it impossible for neighbours or the city to protect the precinct from further zone change toward more intensified building of structures such as townhouse developments and apartment buildings throughout the precinct.

If you wish to protect the precinct — the way you live here — from constant commercial pressure, please be diligent and get involved. Contact us at and watch for and attend the city meetings.