The St. Luke’s Precinct is a distinct area as recognized by the City of Burlington.

It is bordered on four sides roughly between Brant Street and Maple Avenue at the sides and Central High School to Lakeshore Road top to bottom.

The City of Burlington defines the protected St. Luke’s Precinct in this fact sheet:

Download or Preview a map of the St. Luke’s Precinct here.

The City of Burlington Official Plan

The City of Burlington created an Official Plan in response to the Province of Ontario’s demands for intensification. Within the plan, more about the city looked at areas well suited for intensification, as well as unique culturally sensitive areas that were not suited to typical approaches — specifically neighbourhoods that would be negatively impacted historically and culturally by the changes brought on by intensification’s zoning and land use changes.

Among the downtown neighbourhoods that the city recognized as being critical to save from intensification was The St. Luke’s Precinct.

Read more about the downtown neighbourhoods or “precincts” that the city has asked the province, and people of Burlington to protect from intensification — here on page 73 of the Official Plan:

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